Reaches of Threben

Hryhory's Diaries Part 2
Yes. Come. You look list. HERE IS JOB. END OF LIST.

The Players:

Jeremiah Squeakers (BJ) Alchemy, potions and bombs+ catfolk+ just a little crazy

Jephew Von Tulensteinburgenstein-Strousburen IIC (Jon) Tubas, sousaphone, and a brass kazoo + Human bard+ persperation meets inspiration

LEON SHOOTINTHINGINS (Ian) Ranger+coyote+ SIlent+deadly

And, our hero, Hryhory Gnestor (Steve) the human wizard who can make “yo mama” jokes in Elven, because he knew her when she was young.

Our intrepid adventurers, now a band of four, spent some time after their last mission earning a little extra coin in town. Jeremiah crafted all manner of potions for the townsfolk, and for profit, while Jephew inspired the patrons of several bars with his all brass rendition of “The Lady and the Bear.” Hryhory, in contrast, simply spent his time gathering a little bit of information for the next bounty, and catching up on rest.
It seemed as though the only real profitable bounty was an orc named “Steel” who had been disturbing ancient orcish burial grounds in the silverridge mountains, only 5 miles south of town. The contract called for Steel’s head, and our band was soon in pursuit.
They traveled the same route from which they had come, just two days before, and almost on the same spot, encountered trouble. This time, instead of over sized spiders, Jephew was the first to find himself swallowed whole by an enormous worm. Frantically the bard conjured a huge amount of grease while still inside the creature, which, even if it did not get him expelled, would at least cause a large amount of indigestion. Meanwhile, the ranger, alchemist, and wizard toiled away outside the creature to dislodge their cohort, and perhaps slay the creature. It seemed to be a fruitless task, as the wounds of the worm kept closing as fast as tey could make them, until he party realized that the healing seemed to be coming from an outside source. As Jephew was finally expelled, and the rest of the group continued to suffer attacks, the situation became more desperate. Finally, another target made itself available, and Hryhory after a moment, attempted to talk to the being to stop the fight, either to give the party a chance for ambush, or to come to some sort of surrender.

The Silent Singers Strike!

The Characters:

Jeremiah Squeakers (BJ)- A lighthearted ratfolk, working as a rogue for hire

Jeffhew Von T (Jon): One man brass band, trained to inspire all form of adventurer with his eclectic cluster of musical instrumentation

Percy (Annie): A tiefling ranger, as comfortable in the big city as the wide open plains. Also currently toting Hryhory’s equipment for profit.

Leon (Ian): A quiet, reserved, yet exceptionally accurate human ranger.

And, our hero, Hryhory Gnestor (Steve): the frail and exceptionally aged wizard, looking for a long term solution to a problem that gets closer each adventure his unavoidable death..

Our heroes, upon completing their most recent assignment from the adventuring guild, were allowed to enter themselves into the guild’s books and records as an “official” group, thereby earning themselves potential opportunities worldwide, as well as a small amount of glory. They unevenly settled on “The Singing Seven” as a working name, though Squeakers seemed to silently vow to oppose the naming with every opportunity.
The paperwork completed, the group set out to deal with the merchant’s guild and their trading problems, namely the barbarian horde that disrupted trade and looted the caravans.

Travel was largely uneventful, until the group found themselves ambushed by two spiders and the forest dweller that controlled them. Our heroes measured well to the task, and quickly got the man to surrender. His information gave the adventurers the first clue that things were not as they had been told. It was, in fact, the barbarians who were under attack, and the greedy merchants who sought the treasure the encampment was rumored to hold.
The team moved forward, contemplating their next course in this increasingly murky situation. Krusk, an enormous half-orc and leader of the barbarians, stopped them next to persuade them further and inform them of the plans of ambush. Faced head to head with the towering orc, the group agreed, perhaps as much out of fear as desire.
Continuing on, and having agreed to now side with the barbarians, the team finally met Tim, the original merchant contact to whom they had been assigned. Time in the forest had not been kind to Tim, who had developed a squirrel fixation. The group, led by the seemingly impulsive actions of Gnestor, ambushed Tim, and took his valuables, before gagging him. They reluctantly were compelled to surrender Tim to a wandering band of merchants, who had recognized him. And left the scene before they could be held to account for their robbery.
They rejoined with the barbarians, and a glorious battle ensued. the Barbarians were outnumbered, but they had ferocity, defense of their homeland, and our mighty adventurers on their side, and emerged victorious.
Well compensated with some gold, and awarded the very treasure the merchants sought to steal, a mysterious golden egg, the adventurers returned to Central Demille, their second successful mission completed.
Hryhory Gnestor also received a greater treasure still from the ancient, blind orc shaman at the camp- a hint toward the goal he had so long craved.

We also got a candle of truth, cloak of elvenkind, and….some gold?

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