• Archibold Grisly

    Archibold Grisly

    Second in Command of the Mercenary Guild of Demeeld and the right hand man of Onanta, Archibold holds a high power amongst his peers. His rise to power took longer than most, but that's what happens when your muslce is outmatched by your intelligence.
  • Onanta Blightsbane

    Onanta Blightsbane

    A man with ambition and nerve as sharp as steel. His quick resolve and his sheer dominance of the battlefield are what led him to lead the Mercenary's Guild of Dameeld.
  • Rufus Wremwright

    Rufus Wremwright

    The secretary and scribe for the Mercenary Guild of Dameeld. Rufus is a man who keeps to himself; a man who hides behind his cloak as well as his mysteries. A man with powers unknown and a past hidden in archives. Will your eyes gaze his past?
  • Sneaky Jim

    Sneaky Jim

    Thief from the Frisky Rabbit